develop and offer sensors, systems or services which will deliver enduring value for the customer,
establish long term trustful customer relation which includes extension of repair and support longer than the mandatory 10 years period if such is requested,
manufacture all products in view of reliable continuous operation while maintaining the agreed specifications and legal obligations,
respect and handle all customer related processes and knowledge as confidential intelligence,
offer all products and services to customers at a fair pricing and at comparable conditions,
minimize the impact on the environment which might result from our work or from the use of our products or from the provision of our services,
engage ourself permanently in the development of new products or applications in atmospheric science and to improve continuously products and services,
tend to discernment and proper manner in action and attitude regarding customers, staff personnel and fellow humans.

Pulsed Wind Ranger BL


April 10, 2022, METEK launches a new version of the Wind Ranger Lidar utilizing a measuring technique with pulsed laser signals. The Wind Ranger BL is designed to monitor vertical profiles of wind speed and direction and standard deviation of vertical wind within full atmospheric boundary layer starting at about 80 m above ground. Due to the specific laser design the customer is able to change the used pulse length by simple software commands from 320 ns to 160 ns or 80 ns, thus reducing the lowest measuring height as low as 50 m above ground. The pulsed Lidar Wind Ranger BL uses the same housing as the Wind Ranger 100/200, preserving the benefits of low weight and small dimensions for easy handling. The system has been successfully demonstrated during the DACH conference 2022 in Leipzig when it has been deployed in the meteorological garden of the University of Leipzig. Many thanks for the friendly allowance and support with the setup. The data sheet shows a sample of these measurements during perfect conditions for Lidar operations.

Theodor Friedrichs GmbH & Co.


March 1, 2022, METEK GmbH took over parts of the business activities of Theodor Friedrichs GmbH & Co. As a result, the majority of the former staff of Theodor Friedrichs GmbH & Co. joined the company and the existing product range of METEK GmbH has been extended by conventional sensor technology, the widely used data logger type Combilog as well as a variety of test chambers. These products and services ideally strengthen our position as a supplier and service provider in the field of operational meteorological measurement techniques. Customers are welcome to use the following link to find the various products and services for market research or inquiries:

METEK subsidiary for northern Europe


September 1, 2019, Poul Hummelshøj joined METEK as Manager of the newly started company METEK Nordic ApS which is located at DTU Campus Risø, in Roskilde, Denmark. Poul comes from a position as Head of Section of Test & Measurement at DTU Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark. He held this position for 14 years and was among other things responsible for the wind turbine prototype Test Centres at Høvsøre and Østerild. Furthermore, he was responsible for the technical implementation of the DTU scanning lidars called WindScanners.

METEK Nordic ApS was founded to improve the representation of METEK products and to gain competences especially in wind energy applications.

FM-CW Wind Ranger 100/200


METEK launches a newly developed FM-CW Doppler Lidar Wind Ranger 100/200. This Lidar is designed for short range applications with a maximum range up to 250 m starting at ranges as low as 7 m and allows an arbitrarily setting of measuring ranges (i.e. non-equidistant settings). The frequency modulation allows to detect interference of unwanted signal contributions from ranges outside of the adjusted measuring volume. Furthermore, the absolute value of the radial wind component is determined, so there is no need for additional ground-based wind sensors.

Advanced Micro Rain Radar


Based on the well proven MRR-2 technique METEK developed with the MRR-PRO an upgraded version with significantly improved operational performance. Contrary to MRR-2 the MRR-PRO uses an embedded microprocessor board for the complete signal generation, signal analysis and data retrieval. This allows a stand-alone installation at remote sites with the full flexibility of modern data communication (ethernet, LTE) and convenient data storage (up to 32 GB). The high processor power allows up to 255 measuring ranges, averaging intervals down to 1 s and an enhanced velocity analysing range up to 96 m/s. This extends the application to monitor fast falling frozen hydrometeors (sleet, hail) as well as low fall snowflakes which might show occasionally even small positive components.

uSonic-3 Cage Class A Multi-Path


METEK extended the range of ultrasonic anemometers with a new technical approach using the unique Multi-Path technique (uSonic-MP). This system variant is available for the sensor head types of uSonic-3 Class A and uSonic-3 Cage. The design of 3 x 3 multiple measuring paths includings 3 direct measurements of vertical wind components targets on a breakthrough in measuring accuracy by minimising sensor head induced flow distortion effects even for strong vertical flow inclination. Furthermore, the MP systems represents the worldwide first sonic anemometers with full ethernet capabilities (FTP client, FTP server, access via Web-Browser) and comprehensive embedded signal checks (BITE-functions).

Metek Lidar Standalone Trailer

Metek Lidar Standalone Trailer


Metek completed its pool of available renting systems (PCS.2000, uSonic, MRR-2) by 2 trailer versions of Stream Line Doppler Lidar systems, both powered by solar panels and fuel cell technology. The data access via GPRS or satellite communication allows an efficient monitoring of the ongoing measurement and easy data transfer and nearly real time data plausibility check.

Doppler LIDAR Stream Line / Stream Line Pro

Doppler LIDAR Stream Line / Stream Line Pro


A close cooperation has been installed with Halo Photonics (now Halo Photonics by Lumibird), a well reputated Great Britain based company developing and manufacturing eye-safe Doppler-Lidar systems “Stream Line” at 1.5 μm for profiling of the atmospheric bounday layer and of clouds up to 12 km height.

The cooperation targets to boosting sales and customer relations while adding value by implementation of data analysing tools and technical accessories originally developed for the Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 and the Micro Rain Radar MRR-2.

Today more than 40 Stream Line systems have been installed either as parts of monitoring networks, as research instrumentations or as stand-alone trailer versions for measuring campaigns at remote site.


Extended METEK Facilities

Extended METEK Facilities


A further extension of the Metek premises increased the available space for administration, development and production to more than 1100 m². Among these areas are extra facilities which respond to the increasing demand for stand-alone trailer versions  for our profilers (Doppler SODAR PCS.2000, Cloud radar MIRA-35).

A comprehensive laboratory for calibration and some environmental testing devices (temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, vibration) have been added allowing in -process control and final acceptance tests under varying climatic conditions, i.e. within -30 °C … +80 °C,  5 % … 100 % or 250 hPa … 1500 hPa.

These tests are included in the internal quality assurance program of our manufacturing processes and are an integral part of the ongoing development of products.

Vertical Cloud RADAR MIRA-35

Vertical Cloud RADAR MIRA-35


METEK delivered the first Ka band cloud radar system MIRA-36 (36.2 GHz) to the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. This unique device delivers vertical profiles of reflectivity, vertical wind components and linear depolarisation of all clouds up to 15 km height agl at the user’s finger tip.

Meanwhile 15 units of such MIRA-36/MIRA-35 cloud radar systems have been installed in different configurations including several full hemisphere scanning trailer systems. Most of the delivered systems are used routinely with extraordinary operational uptime values.

We gratefully acknowledge that our customers agreed to host the online cloud radar data in a comprehensive data archive to share the plots of the current and prior measurements with our visitors.


Doppler-SODAR PCS.2000-24

Doppler-SODAR PCS.2000-24


A fully computerized new type of Doppler SODAR system PCS.2000 was launched which allows vertical wind profiling up to 500 m in a transportable version and to more than 1000 m in the long range versions. This system is implemented on a standard WINDOWS based PC using  sound cards for signal generation and signal anaylsis while offering the full performance and flexibility of todays PC units.





Certificate DIN ISO 9001:2015


After introduction of an internal quality management system METEK successfully passed the certification audit EN ISO 9000:2001 by TÜV Nord CERT which has been transferred in the meantime to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

This QM-system covers the whole range of METEK’s commercial activities of development, manufacturing and sales of all our products.

In addition, METEK has been certified as a supplier of german nuclear facilities according to KTA1401 and offers with the sonic anemometers and sodars products according to KTA1508.

For the german army METEK provided instrumental set-up according to AQAP4 standards.


Micro-Rain-Radar MRR-2

Metek MRR-2 Antarctica, photo ©Irina Gorodetskaya


An innovative approach for a cost-competitive vertical sounding micro rain radar (MRR-1) was started by utilisation of an industrial 24 GHz radar module. Primordially the focus was put to accurate rain rate measurements on marine platforms or at coastal sites (“ZISCH” project) when conventional rain gauge measures suffer during high wind speed events from the flow effects of the surrounding obstacles. Soon after the first successful tests the benefits of this technique for any kind of vertical rain profiling were identified.

The micro rain radar MRR-2 became a striking new tool for precipitation monitoring and rain measurements. With its disdrometer profiling function and the simple identification of the bright band indicating the melting zone of frozen particles this system implicates the capability for an online calibration of weather radar systems. Initiated by the european EUMETFREQ group the MRR-2 was adapted in 2008 to the recommodation of the ECC166 council.

METEK Head Office Elmshorn

METEK Head Office Elmshorn


According to the needs of the extended commercial activities and grown staff personnel METEK moved into a newly constructed building in Elmshorn near Hamburg. With this move METEK’s capabilities in development of new techniques and production improved significantly. The new premises located in an industrial area with a number of sub-suppliers situated in the nearest neighborhood gave also extra space for an outdoor test area of 500 sqm allowing extensively checks of our products under real weather conditions.

The conventional 3 antenna sodar system was replaced by a first phase-array antenna system DSDPA.90 with special shaped acoustic shields to provide perfect beam forming and side lobe suppression. It combined easy handling and high performance for a very competitive pricing. Some of these system have been in use for more than 20 years of continuous operation.

Ultrasonic Anemometer USA-1

Ultrasonic Anemometer USA-1


The continuous improvement of available products and the development of new techniques was always seen as a vivid element of METEK’s business. Following this approach METEK succeeded to launch an innovative 3 dimensional ultrasonic sensor (USA-1) which offered a challenging price/performance ratio unseen before. Since 1993 the USA-1 has been installed in thousands of world wide installations, inter alia for climatological studies and in eddy-correlation systems monitoring vertical fluxes of water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, etc.

While eddy-flux stations were mostly involved in the scientific work the USA-1 was  offered also with an turbulence extension for routine measurements of online derived variances and covariances of x, y, z wind components and temperature, fluxes, Monin-Obukhov-length, diffusion classes for routine measurements. An efficient sensor head heating and an integrated online data quality check qualified the USA-1 as an all-weather type sensor with minimal maintenance efforts.

482 MHz RASS

Conventional Doppler SODAR


As one of the first commercial activities METEK installed a comprehensive monitoring of acoustic windprofilers (Doppler SODAR) operationally used in a network to determine meteorological dispersion parameters for pollutants dispersion models needed in case of accidential release of hazardous materials. The concept used as one of the first reported installations small PC units with XENIX operation system and included an automatic data transfer via regular remote access by modem technqiue and a daily data quality inspection.

Another early project comprises the development and installation of a 3 antenna Doppler SODAR system DSDR3x7 with FFT-technique for signal analysis and digitized signal generation. Furthermore, a newly designed digitized 3 dimensional sonic anemometer thermometer USAT-3 was launched as an in-situ sensor for wind and turbulence measurements.