The New approach in 3D wind and turbulence sensing

The ultrasonic anemometers uSonic-3 Class A MP and uSonic-3 Cage MP  represent an innovative step forward to highest performance in atmospheric turbulence sounding. Based on the well proven METEK ultrasonic sensor family uSonic-3 the design of the sensor head enables the user to perform three independent measurements of the 3D air flow quasi-simultaneously using only one sole sonic anemometer by arranging each sonic transmitter to three opposite sonic receivers.

This provides redundancy in horizontal wind components measurements and allows a selection of the most advantageously positioned transmitter-receiver couples. Furthermore, three directly measured vertical wind components are available.

The sensor outputs 9 radial components, 9 sonic temperature measures and 3 Cartesian wind components (x, y, z) as raw data or as averaged data with adjustable averaging intervals.

  • Unique “Multi-Path” measuring technique
  • 3 x 3D Sonic arrays in one sensor head
  • 3 x 3 = 9 Radial wind components
  • 3 x Directly sensed vertical wind component
  • 3 x 3 = 9 Acoustic temperatures
  • Minimum flow distortion by optimized design of sensor head and sonic transducers
  • Online control and dynamic adjustment of signal gain
  • Embedded 2-axis inclination sensor (option)
  • Internal mass storage on SD card (option)
  • Convenient communication and data output by RS422 and Ethernet ports
  • Remote control of system performance
  • Ideal instrument for scientific applications and eddy covariance sites