The COMBILOG 1022 is a high precision, compact and easy to handle data logger, which can be used in multiple applications. Due to its outstanding technical specifications and the attractive price, it is a leading product worldwide for e.g. meteorological, industrial, wind power and solar applications.

Because of its toughness (-40°C up to 85°C) it is suitable for almost any environment. Also as a stand-alone solution it is working perfectly due to its very low power consumption (0,1 W).

As the COMBILOG 1020, the new COMBILOG 1022 is produced by paying specific attention to the quality. Only the highest quality of components is good enough to achieve the accuracy and reliability of the COMBILOG. By developing the new COMBILOG 1022 we have paid attention to the fact that its often complimented user-friendlieness is being keept. It is obvious to us that the new 1022 is compatible with the old 1020. You just have to upload your configuration to the new 1022 and replace the old one.

Due to its compact dimensions it is fitting even in the smaller housings. But it also is a reliable partner as a labratory unit. With its bright LCD Display and its easy to use plug in contacts it is a good support while doing the daily testing.

The COMBILOG 1022 will be delivered with an easy to use configuration software. For the configuration of the COMBILOG are no programming skills needed. For a comfortable and automatic transfer of the data from the Combilog to the PC and for a professional storage of the data, we recommend the software COMGRAPH32 as usefull aid.

Of course we are happy if you are using our sensors together with the COMBILOG 1022 but it is also possible to use any kind of sensors of other companies. Even data telgrams of “intelligent” sensors can be implemented through the RS485 interface.

We are very proud that Kipp & Zonen is recommending the COMBILOG 1022 to its customers. Especially in the field of radiation measurement it is necessary to have a very accurate data logger which is able to handle sensors which are delivering very low voltages.

  • 8 analog inputs are available
  • Analog measuring categories: voltage, current, resistance measurement and measurement with Thermo Elements
  • Measuring range +6,25 mV…10 V; 62.5 μA…25 mA; 200 Ω…20 kΩ
  • 0.01% accuracy (depending on the range; check PDF)
  • 6 digital inputs resp. outputs (can be used either as input or output)
  • Digital measuring categories are status aquisition, frequency, counter and graycode
  • 32 logical channels (e.g. arithmetic-channel, alarm-channel, default-channel)
  • 0,1 W consumption, depending on the configuration (e.g. 3,6 mA at 28 V)
  • 7 MB internal ring memory, additional memory by SD card (Both memories can be used at the same time.)
  • Sample rate selectable for each channel between 0,25 sec and 1 h (By choosing 0,25 sec. the Combilog will sample as fast as possible, which is min. 4 samples a sec. and max. 100 samples a sec. depending on the numbers of sensors connected).
  • Average intervall from 0,5 sec. to 12 h
  • Baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 and 38400 bit/s
  • Ethernet compatible through network port
  • RS 232 and RS 485 serial data interface
  • Combilog can be operated in a Master-Slave Mode. If the Combilog is the Master there is a total of 32 Channels available. If a PC is the master there are 31 Combilog as slave available. Each Combilog can use all of its own channels.
  • LED Display with four lines
  • Low-pass-filter configurable between 10 and 400 Hz
  • All Kipp & Zonen sensors can be connected directly without using a measuring amplifier.
  • Drift of the temperature up to 2ppm/K with internal drift correction and connection of a PT 100 Sensor; without PT 100 less than 25 ppm/K
  • Data stored in .csv format
  • Operating temperature from -40 to +85 °C