New SODAR Installation at Henri Coandă Airport Bucharest 
Recently a new SODAR.2000-64 has been installed at the Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest, Romania.

The purpose of the system is to provide to the aeronautical meteorlogists the information needed for the monitoring of the vertical wind profile, in view of maintaining the saftey if flights on final approach / inital climb phases and duringt the aircraft movements on the surface of the aerodome through the real time detection of wind shear, as well as increasing the air traffic fluency.

During the installation and the first test phase, verification measurements with a Halo Photonics Stream Line Lidar have been performed, which can been seen standing next to the technical building.

The installation, set-up and regular maintenance is supported by our partner INOESY, whose technicans have been well trained on the SODAR-system, including theoretical background, software handling and of course all technical aspects.

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