• Vertical profiling of cloud targets
  • Pulsed Doppler Ka-band Radar (λ=9 mm) with high sensitivity
  • 1 m or 1.2 m or 2 m Cassegrain antenna with optional heating
  • 30 kW Magnetron transmitter, duty cycle up to 1/500
  • Transmitter with linear polarized signal
  • Receiver for co- and cross- polarized signals
  • Multi peak evaluation of Doppler spectra
  • Efficient ground clutter suppression
  • Determination of calibrated reflectivity factor (dBZ), radial component, peak width, and LDR
  • Target classification of cloud droplets, rain drops, ice particles, snowflakes, and atmospheric plankton
  • Up to 2 x 800 measuring heights (real + imag)
  • Height range 150 … 15000 m
  • Pulse width 100 … 400 ns (range resolution 15 … 60 m)
  • Temporal resolution up to 10 s
  • Unmatched sensitivity (at 5 km, 10 s averaging: -53 dBZ)
  • Pressurized wave guide system
  • Automated system monitoring, remote access
  • Delivery includes air conditioning and air dryer


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The extraordinary system sensitivity of the cloud radar MIRA-10 and MIRA-35 and its compact version MIRA-35C allows profiling of all cloud types in the troposphere including thin fog layers and arctic cirrus.