• MIRA-35 mounted on a servo driven positioner
  • Continuous azimuth rotations, 0 … 360°
  • 1 m or 1.2 m Cassegrain antenna with optional heating
  • Up to 2 x 800 measuring heights (real + imag)
  • Horizon to horizon RHI scans ±90 °
  • Ongoing radar measurements while scanning
  • Freely programmable scan patterns (VDA, RHI, volume)
  • Entry of predefined scan patterns via interface
  • Synchronized movement in both axes
  • All radar components integrated in the scanning unit
  • No RF rotary joints
  • Slip rings and bearings kept in conditioned environment


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The extraordinary system sensitivity of the cloud radar MIRA-10 and MIRA-35 and its compact version MIRA-35C allows profiling of all cloud types in the troposphere including thin fog layers and arctic cirrus.