Doppler LIDAR Stream Line / Stream Line Pro


  • Advanced follow-up system of the Stream Line Doppler Lidar
  • Eye safe 1.5 µm (Class 1M) Doppler laser system
  • Up to 1000 height steps, nominal range from 50 m up to 5000 m (favorable conditions)
  • Optional extension for profiling up to 7.5 km or 10 km (for clouds)
  • Time resolution 1 s for averaged data or 10 Hz for instantaneous data
  • Robust scanning unit with arbitrary steering capability for full upper hemisphere
  • Scanning range optionally extendable to -15 … 195 ° elevation angle
  • Unlimited user defined scanning routines
  • Wide operational temperature range -20 … 45 °C
  • Profiles of back scattered intensity and radial and radial wind components
  • Indication of mixing height by aerosol density profile
  • Derivation of profiles of wind speed and wind direction for arbitray 3D scan patterns
  • Easy set up, flexible parameter setting, autonomous operation
  • Remote access and control via internet
  • Offline data analysing tools
  • Data conversion to Metek Graphics format
  • Extra power supply unit including overvoltage protection of power lines and LAN
  • Rental services available

Outstanding flexibility and proven reliability of the Stream Line Doppler lidar systems of Halo Photonics completed by METEK’s online derivation and visualisation of 3D wind vector profiles and turbulent quantities.