Doppler LIDAR Stream Line / Stream Line Pro


  • Advanced follow-up system of the Stream Line Doppler Lidar
  • Eye safe 1.5 µm (Class 1M) Doppler laser system
  • Up to 1000 height steps, nominal range from 50 m up to 5000 m (favorable conditions)
  • Optional extension for profiling up to 7.5, 10 or 12 km (for clouds)
  • Time resolution 1 s for averaged data or 10 Hz for instantaneous data
  • Robust scanning unit with arbitrary steering capability for full upper hemisphere
  • Scanning range optionally extendable to -15 … 195 ° elevation angle
  • Unlimited user defined scanning routines
  • Wide operational temperature range -20 … 45 °C
  • Profiles of back scattered intensity and radial wind components
  • Indication of mixing height by aerosol density profile
  • Derivation of profiles of wind speed and wind direction for arbitray 3D scan patterns
  • Easy set up, flexible parameter setting, autonomous operation
  • Remote access and control via internet
  • Offline data analysing tools
  • Data conversion to Metek Graphics format
  • Extra power supply unit including overvoltage protection of power lines and LAN
  • Several systems for rental services available, ask for quote