METEK GmbH succeeded in the development of a new approach of laser-based wind sensing. The product family Wind Ranger 100/200 uses a frequency modulation of a continuous wave eyesafe Doppler Wind Lidar. Such technique has been applied for the first time on a laser-based wind profiler to overcome constraints of conventional CW Lidar technique. The frequency modulation removes the ambiguity of the sign of the radial wind component and avoids any interference between the wind information out of the measuring volume and from more distant ranges. As a side effect the distance of the measuring volume which is determined by the adjustment of the focal area of the lidar optics is measured as an independent variable. With this, the correct range adjustment can be continously analysed, checked and documented in the Wind Ranger 100/200 data sets.

Depending on the diameter of the optics the user can select up to 8/20 individual (non-equidistant) ranges up to 100 and 250 distances (e.g. 10 m, 50 m, 89 m, 115 m, 162 m, 201 m).

See more details in our product group FM-CW Doppler Wind Lidar.

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