Recently a newly developed Cloud Radar MIRA-35C has been installed in the Peruvian Andes.

MIRA-35C has been specially designed as the most compact cloud radar available today. Further its low power consumption qualifies it as the perfect stand-alone system for automatic measurements at remote locations.

The installation took place near the town of Huancayo at a height of more than 3.200 m (10.500 ft) above sea level, becoming currently the world’s highest located cloud radar. The special geographical conditions close to the Pacific Ocean and the steep climbs of the Andes mountains lead to extraordinary cloud formation in this area. The researchers are deeply interested in getting new findings about effect of El Niño on cloud characteristics as well as supporting the local agricultural scientists in terms of prediction of heavy precipitation and hail.

Some spectaculary measurement results were obtained within the first weeks of measurement, which can be reviewed here in detail.

MIRA-35C Peru        MIRA-35C Peru with Solar
MIRA-35C Peru Reflectivity         MIRA-35C Peru Velocity


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