Milesovka Observatory

Milešovka Observatory now operates a MIRA-35C cloud radar.

Alexander von Humboldt once claimed the view from Milešovka Mountain to be the third nicest in the world. Meteorologists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics can now combine this great view with cloud radar measurements from the newest MIRA-35C installed on the mountain top.

The Meteorologická observatoř Milešovka is not accessible by car and goods can only be transported there with a small freight lift. The cloud radar had to be unmounted to be transported to the top station where it had to be reassembled again. The personell of the Ústav Fyziky Atmosféry, the engineers of our partners Envitech Bohemia and Metek’s engieers had to hike through the snowy mountains to reach the location of the installation.

Measurements of this cloud radar and others can be found here.

Milesovka Mountain     


     Cloud Radar with Engineers


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