The New Approach in 3D Wind and Turbulence Sensing: uSonic-3 Multi-Path

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The family of ultrasonic anemometers uSonic-1, uSonic-2 and uSonic-3 provides accurate wind and turbulence measurements even in harsh environments and adverse weather conditions.

SODAR ProductGroup

Highly accurate vertical profiling of wind and turbulence parameters in heights of more than 1000 m in mobile or stationary applications by means of the Doppler sodar PCS.2000 family.

RASS ProductGroup

Precise vertical temperature profiling and inversion detection in height ranges up to 500 m by the MERASS radar extension of the Doppler Sodar at 1290 or 915 MHz.

MRR-2 ProductGroup

The unique vertical pointing micro rain radar MRR determines the full Doppler spectrum of precipitation and allows quantitative rain profiling and the monitoring of the melting zone (bright band).

Lidar ProductGroup

Outstanding flexibility and proven reliability of the Stream Line Doppler lidar systems of Halo Photonics completed by METEK’s online derivation and visualisation of 3D wind vector profiles and turbulent quantities.

CloudRadar ProductGroup

The extraordinary system sensitivity of the cloud radar MIRA-35 and its compact version MIRA-35C allows profiling of all cloud types in the troposphere including thin fog layers and arctic cirrus.


Rugged, stand alone, low power data logger

Built-in Web Server


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